Consent UI enable your users to securely provide consent to their EV data to you. You can use the following information to build a customised url and redirect your customer to it.

Base URL

This is the entry point to consent UI from your app.

Query Params

app* : app-id for your app

user* : user-id of user in your database

brand : brand of the vehicle, if known beforehand. This will skip the brand selection screen

callbackUrl : callback url where we will send a POST request with authenticated vehicle and user data. If not provided, the default one configured in our backend will be used. The callback URL must be registered with Telematica beforehand. Callbacks will not work in sandbox mode. For more details contact us

redirectUrl : url where we will redirect the end user using webview browser redirect. This will typically be an app URL (yourApp://somepage). The redirect URL schema must be registered with Telematica beforehand.

region : one of IN, US or EU. This will show only the supported EV models on brand-selection page.